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Keyword analysis

How to Check for Keyword Cannibalization

Content is one of the pillars of search engine optimization (SEO). Almost every marketer tries to boost their website’s ranking by frequently publishing large volumes of content. While this is a common strategy, it’s not necessarily a good one. It requires careful and detailed implementation because search engines often interpret it negatively. In this case,…

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Types of Search Intent

A few years ago, SEO was all about finding relevant keywords and building strategies around them. Today, it includes other aspects, such as search intent. Most plainly defined, it’s the reason why user searches the web. You can create outstanding content, but if it doesn’t answer users’ queries, search engines won’t rank you. The more…

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Woman holding iPhone6S Rose Gold

Best Mobile Optimization Practices

Statistics show more than 6 billion people worldwide use smartphones and mobile devices. Mobile devices aren’t just a part of our society but also a part of the digital marketing sphere. Google recognized its importance and launched mobile-first indexing to encourage building mobile-friendly sites. Not optimizing your website for different devices and screens costs your…

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Video Transcripts as SEO Booster

A recent study on video marketing has revealed that videos have helped 90% of marketers boost their traffic. Also, they’ve managed to raise brand awareness, which ultimately helped generate leads. While some believe videos are better than written pieces, we’re bringing a new perspective to the table. What do you get when you combine interactive…

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