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7 Tips to Boost Nonprofit Organization’s Social Media Presence

Some may say that nonprofit organizations cannot afford to start a social media campaign to attract donors and volunteers because of your small budget. But that is not true. Social media is one of the cheapest platforms where you can put your marketing efforts. NPOs usually rely on traditional marketing such as print ads, telemarketing, and other more expensive channels like outdoor billboards and TV and radio ads. Social media is not just a game-changer but a one-stop place for potential donors, sponsors, influencers, and volunteers. However, it is also a place where competition for attention is of great pressure.

Here are some tips on strengthening your NPO’s presence on social media.

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● Focus on organic content

You can focus your attention on creating and posting organic content. It is not required to pay for ads, unlike businesses that want to reach high-potential buyers. NPOs can just post a lot of content for free. Every project or campaign that you have, whether it is a small or big event, you can share it on social media without costing your marketing team too much.

● Maintain your reputation

Even if you can post anything on social media, it is still a must to manage your reputation as a nonprofit organization. Reputation management is more than brand awareness. You still have to be careful with what you post online. One of the most important things you need to post on your social media is an update about your organization. You need to let your followers, donors, and volunteers know what happened to your recent fundraising events, outreach projects, or where your organization is heading for the next coming months. Sticking to your mission and vision would also strengthen your reputation as an NPO.

● Humanize the organization

An emotional connection is important to keep in mind if you are an NPO marketer. Show that you are human with the content you post on social media. You can post photos or videos of real people involved in your mission such as your volunteers and advocates. You can also share compelling testimonials of your beneficiaries. You can quote any inspiring statement from them. Those actual words from actual people could genuinely touch the hearts of your followers and would potentially engage with your posts.

● Make people part of your mission

The word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that never goes out of style. This is still applicable to your social media strategy. As an NPO, you can involve your members, volunteers, and advocates by asking them to spread the news online about your organization. You do not have to worry about paying them as they know that they are doing volunteer work.

● Give value

Create content that gives value to your followers. One of the simplest ways you can do it is by sending a thank you email or direct message to donors and sponsors. You can also post a gratification post for your volunteers and if possible, mention them on your post. Lastly, include them in your newsletter. It is a way of telling them that they are part of your cause.

● Catch the Interest of your audience

Create interesting content for your audience. Always be mindful that your followers believe in your cause. Focus on what makes you different and interesting from other NPOs. Do not be swayed by posting irrelevant content.

Your organization will always need quality content. You may have a great message, mission, and vision but if you cannot communicate it effectively and excellently, you may lose the interest of potential sponsors and donors for your campaign. Make the best effort to post quality content on your social media. Consider the quality of your photos and videos, the grammar on your captions, and your brand’s voice and tone.

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