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How to Create Valuable Social Media Content

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Whether we like to admit it or not — social media has become an important part of our lives. They are no longer solely used for connecting and communicating. Now, social networks are more than that. Thanks to their enormous influence, they have become a powerful tool in the digital marketing world. To bring desired results, content and social media marketing strategies have to closely align. Content marketing provides engaging, viral, and authentic content. Meanwhile, social media serve as the most effective platform for sharing content with the audience. For a far-reaching effect, valuable content should be created and posted on social platforms. Acting on hunches or mood swings won’t bring the brand closer to the targeted groups and attract potential customers. Here are some content types which will add high value to your social media.

Testimonials of Loyal Customers

Most businesses are constantly searching for ways to attract new customers. One of the easiest ways for enticing potential customers is by showing them the testimonials of loyal customers. Their first-hand experience with your products or services will make them want to give them a try. When they see how satisfied the customers are, they will want to feel the same way. Also, the testimonials can help reluctant customers to finally decide and buy your products or seek your services. Either way, it is a win-win situation. While written testimonials can do the trick, video recordings are much more effective. Customers can film them themselves or a videographer can record them to look special and professional. This step can result in huge success but only if the customers are truly satisfied and willing to participate. Otherwise, there’s no use in trying.


Infographics are one of the most eye-catching types of content. Apart from being engaging, they are also incredibly informative. People are visual beings. For this reason, it is much easier and faster to process information containing pictures, colors, and graphs than pure words. In most cases, when they see long lines of text, they skip it. As a result, your message won’t be delivered and the whole effort is in vain. Infographics can help you spread your message and deliver it effectively to the targeted group. Let your creativity come to the fore and create unique and striking info graphs. Share them on social media, so the customers can recognize the effort and share it back. This move won’t only attract new customers but also increase brand recognition.


Aside from being visual beings, people are also inquisitive by nature.  Based on this characteristic, they like quizzes, games — interactive and engaging content. Games and quizzes allow them to participate instead of passively consuming provided material. Also, they like to share the results of the quizzes they take or invite their friends and family to play games with them. That is why creating quizzes or some sort of entertainment for customers can add significant value to the brand. Posting the quiz closer to the end or in the central position in the post attracts the audience much easier. The questions and answers should be carefully designed and useful. It will make them think and fully engage in the activity. This practice won’t affect the placement of the brand in search rankings but it will surely increase the time visitors spend on the page.

Content Created By Users

UGC, or User Generated Content, is an excellent opportunity for boosting audience engagement and expanding the brand’s reach. This content is most easily posted and shared on Instagram. When the company shares content created by users, it makes them feel special and a part of the organization. It sends a clear message that the company cares about its clients and is willing to interact with them. Besides, it is great for marketing purposes as well. By creating unique content featuring the brand, the audience promotes its services or products. In the same way, the brand promotes the user who created that piece of content by reposting. It gives them credit and recognizes their effort and creativity. As a result, those interested in finding out more about the post will click on both profiles and check them out.

In the end, it’s all about what the audience needs and wants. Before posting anything, you should analyse the targeted group, understand their desires, test some types of content, and see how it goes. This analysis will give you all you need for creating valuable social media content and devising a successful social media strategy.

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