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Why SMEs and Startups Must Have Copywriters

Some small and medium enterprises do not have marketing teams because of a limited budget. But why would a startup business consider slicing its budget to hire an in-house or outsource a copywriter, especially if they are selling their products or services online? Just imagine an Olympic athlete without a professional coach or a professional public speaker without a speechwriter.

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Copywriters are the wizards of words. They are experienced and experts in using the right words to reach the right audience, take action, and ultimately purchase your offers. They call it “sales copy”. You do not need to know the anatomy of the sales copy. Reach More Digital Marketing agency, Watford Hertfordshire can make things easier for you as they can create relevant, compelling, and valuable content through their copywriting services. Before you jump into your email or work with other brands, let me tell you first some more reasons why a small and medium business needs a wordsmith:

Checking your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Copywriters do not just write sales copy based on the features and benefits of the products or services you are offering. They will also research more about your industry, your competitors, and find out what makes your business different from others so you can stand out or be superior from them.

Creating your Brand Persona

Aside from having a brand voice, your brand also needs to have its own personality. Copywriters are great in enhancing your style and identity which would help your brand attract your ideal audience.

Connecting to your Audience

Copywriters know your customer’s language. This is because of their experience and marketing skills. They know how to say the proper words to connect with them. If your audience can relate to your message, there is a greater chance for them to engage with your brand and eventually purchase from you.

Complementing with your Social Media and SEO strategy

Getting a social media consultant and SEO specialist is a big help in boosting your website traffic and brand awareness. Copywriters, on the other hand, provide you with the foundation of your page or website – the sales copy. Your social media and SEO strategy would be put to waste if your sales copy is not worth the time reading. Copywriters can make a compelling copy that would make your audience stay on your page or website until they read all your offers

Most small or medium business owners are also the operations manager, production staff, graphic designer, accountant, or other roles they cannot delegate to others because they do not have the luxury to hire people for each task. However, in creating a sales copy, someone who is professional should be the one doing it. Having someone assigned to write the caption for your social media post and create a compelling headline for your website will provide you with more free time in doing other important tasks without worrying about your sales copy.

The first words on your sales copy would bring an impact to your readers and determine whether they will subscribe or not to your email newsletters. Providing them with captivating content also gives you a higher chance of increasing your business sales. It might seem like an easy task but having an expert copywriter who takes charge of your content is a valuable investment for your business.

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