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Does Your Business Need Online Reputation Management?

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In the past, brands used to define their voice the way they wanted it to be. As the world became more connected, online customer feedback started to shape brand voices. Today, the success of your business depends on its reputation in the digital marketplace. Reputation is not only about marketing your business but also protecting it from malicious comments undermining the quality of its products or services.

Thanks to online reputation, customers can discover your business and recommend it to others. However, it isn’t something given but earned. So you have to control what others are saying about your organization. Online reputation management (ORM) can help you take advantage of customer reviews and comments, and so much more.

Credibility and Trust 

No matter what industry your business belongs to, it has to attract and keep customers to generate profit. This also happens to be the foundation of every online reputation management strategy. The only way to earn customers’ trust is through a transparent and stellar reputation.

Although there are numerous digital marketing strategies, word of mouth still prevails. Your customers will share their positive and negative experiences with the people from their surroundings. Thanks to the Internet, their reviews travel at lightning speed. It means other potential customers can consume them right away no matter whether they’re true or not.

By controlling what customers are saying about your brand, you establish yourself as trustworthy and credible. This doesn’t mean you should remove negative reviews. Instead, as a part of your online reputation management strategy, you should identify the problem and resolve it. Sweeping them under the carpet won’t help you build trust with customers.

Customer Marketing 

Most companies neglect customer marketing, especially customer advocacy. This marketing strategy focuses on the existing customers instead of attracting new ones and expanding the base. One of the perks of customer marketing is using loyal customers as brand advocates. This way, you can improve your brand’s online reputation with the help of your current customers.

The customers you choose to be brand advocates have been with you for a while. They’re familiar with your products or services and business dynamics. It makes their experience more relatable and believable, unlike influencers.

If you want to leverage customers, you should create an attractive opportunity for them to share their stories with your business with others. But, more importantly, as one of their favourite brands, you shouldn’t meet their expectations but exceed them. As a result, your ORM strategy will be a complete success.

Attractive Employer

The key to business success is skilful and professional staff. Like customers, they too share their experiences as employees in your company with others. They also do it on social media, forums, and review websites. Sometimes they do it anonymously, and others openly and publicly. Either way, their comments affect your company’s reputation.

Nowadays, the first thing talented individuals looking for jobs do is research the company with open positions. They want to know all about your organization. In fact, they want to know the details the job opening doesn’t contain. Then they’ll decide whether or not they want to apply and work for you.

Therefore, your reputation doesn’t only attract or repel customers but also talent. As an executive, you know how hard finding and retaining talent is. For this reason, you should first be aware of what your customers and employees are saying about your business. Then, you can use the ORM strategy to make improvements.

Constant Improvements 

Thinking ORM is only about customers’ perception of the brand is wrong. Its benefits go way beyond. When taken seriously, ORM can shape your business and create growth opportunities. For instance, whenever you read a customer’s comment, you should ask yourself how can you improve their experience and get a better review the next time.

When you focus on the customers and commit to improving their experience, you’ll also improve your practices and business. Knowing their needs and behaviour and learning how to meet them will help you build a stellar reputation and a lasting relationship with customers.

The more you know your customers, the better you handle their frustrations and dissatisfaction. It shows their opinion matters to you, and your brand takes both good and bad comments seriously.


Before marketplaces went digital, brands didn’t have to worry about their online reputation. Today, a few bad reviews or negative comments on social media or anywhere on the Internet is all it takes to tarnish your reputation. That’s why you need online reputation management. After all, it can help you attract customers and talent and improve and expand your business. 

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