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3 Google Analytics Reports Worth Knowing

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Digital marketers spend most of their time devising PPC and SEO strategies. To ensure they achieve their goals, they must collect and analyse relevant data. That’s why most consider Google Analytics their best friend. It offers a wide understanding of different aspects and metrics crucial for their strategic decisions. You can find different kinds of straightforward marketing reports among its many features. Unlike most reports, these are easy to grasp and abundant with useful information. Although Google Analytics offers many specialised reports, we’ve picked out three types you’ll most likely need as a marketer. 

Geo-Location Report

Although easily overlooked, geo-location reports can significantly impact your PPC campaign. These reports inform you about your audience’s geographical location and language. Thanks to the IP addresses of your website visitors, you can easily get information about their location.

The report can be found in the Demographic details of the Reports section. You can apply a sort or filter to segment the data if you’re looking for a specific metric. Country, area, city, bounce rate, conversion rate, and revenue are just some of the data the report contains.

There are multiple reasons for analysing this report. Firstly, it answers whether the various locations the campaigns are run in perform satisfactorily or not. Secondly, it can confirm that the traffic you’re getting is coming from the location you’re targeting. Lastly, it shows all the areas in which you can improve the ongoing campaigns.

Referrals Report

There are many ways you can reach your marketing and business goals. In digital marketing, referral marketing proves to be a highly effective tool for adding value to your strategy. Websites often link to or recommend other websites to their visitors. Google Analytics documents every time a user clicks on the referrer’s link and visits the referred website. This practice is known as referral traffic and, along with search and direct traffic, represents some of the most prominent metrics.

To analyse all the referrers and conversions, navigate to Traffic Acquisition in the Acquisition section. You’re supposed to see the top 5 traffic channels by default. The search bar allows you to select a specific source or medium, platform or campaign.

The referrals report is valuable because it provides a wealth of information about your online marketing efforts. It helps you to pinpoint friendly websites and strengthen your relationship with them. Also, you can monitor social media traffic, compare network results, and adjust your efforts.

Demographics and Interests Report

The key to a successful marketing strategy is knowing exactly which demographic group is interested in your business. While this information is necessary to launch the campaign, you might want to revise it over time. Most often, other groups are more interested in your product than the targeted ones.

To enable the report, visit Demographic details under the Reports section dedicated to the User. After setting up the data collection, you’ll be presented with a self-explanatory report. The data covers age and gender as the two most important metrics. You’ll need to add a few other dimensions to get more conclusive results. This means you should resort to demographic segmentation. Like with other reports, you can set up filters to display relevant data.

What you can do with this information is implement new PPC strategies. The report tells you all you need to know about the customers. You can also adjust current marketing efforts to align with relevant targeting segments. Lastly, check the conversion rate or revenue.


Marketers are well versed in interpreting Google Analytics and its reports. Those who are on this learning path can start with mastering geo-location, referrals, and demographics and interests reports. They provide priceless information every marketer can use to set up their PPC campaigns for success.

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