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B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2024

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Did you know? 90% of consumers buy from a brand that they follow on social media. For B2B, social media also takes part in their decision-making decisions – whether for purchase or collaboration. What you do on your social media page can affect how people or other businesses feel about your brand.

Businesses are all over social media – from LinkedIn to Facebook and TikTok, they come across these pages to promote their products and services. To come up with a B2B social media strategy, you must identify the platforms they are actively using, the type of content they find helpful, and the tools they use to measure their marketing efforts. As you create your social media strategies this 2024, you need to have a plan.

To help you know where and how to start, here are some tips to consider:

Align your goals with your business objectives

Remind yourself what your business is about. What are your core values and main objectives? Then, set your goals and craft an effective approach around it. As you learn to align your B2B marketing goals with your audiences’ preferences, they will genuinely connect and engage with you. 

Connect with your audience on a personal level

Most social media platforms allow you to bring out your creativity. It isn’t required to be formal unless your post demands formality or your audience prefers this type of tone. Make authenticity and creativity your go-to approach. Share stories about your brand and customize your posts based on your audience. Think about their buyer personas and make that your guide in creating your content strategy. 

Focus on engagement

Putting customers at the front and center of your social media plan can help you grow your engagement and following. Often, people want to know what they could benefit from you. For businesses, they would want to know what valuable things you offer without expecting in return. If they see your brand aligns with their values and preferences, it will be easier for you to connect with them.

To improve social media engagement, begin with understanding your ideal customers, crafting content aligned that will connect with them, and utilizing the social media platforms where they are active. You can repurpose long-form content into several formats or old posts with high engagement. The standard is to produce 2 to 4 long-form content monthly and create organic posts weekly. It is also recommended to set a budget for digital paid campaigns to expand your social media reach. 

Creating a successful B2B social media strategy involves pinpointing the specific approach tailored for each platform. Adapt and revise based on the specific channel. It will be a continuous process until you’re familiar with your target market. As you learn the best strategy, you’ll foster deeper connections with your audience which can encourage brand loyalty and eventually, boost sales and engagement.

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