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6 Ways to Catch Your Audience’s Attention on Social Media

Writing posts that could stand out from all the noise in social media is easier said than done. With all the competition on any platform, how can you make your post reach your target audience? A quality photo or video could indeed be enough to catch their attention, but do not underestimate what words can do and how far it can go. 

Choosing the right words can make or break your social media campaign, whether your goal is to get more followers or to get more sales from your posts. This skill is called copywriting. Many businesses have lots of budgets or even hire copywriters to think about a topic to connect to their audience. You might have an interesting product or service but if you do not have an interesting way to tell it to your potential buyers, no one might be interested to even hear what you are trying to say. 

The easiest way to present your business is through words. Words can make a great impact on your social media strategy so you should consider hiring a copywriter or learning about copywriting. Reach More Digital Marketing offers copywriting services that would help you create delightful headlines and captions on your social media post. 

There are a lot of copywriting formulas available online so you have to know which one would fit the type of content and the goal behind your post. Here are 7 copywriting formulas and how it is used:

1. PAS Formula: Problem – Agitate – Solve

In this formula, you need to identify the problem first, then agitate it, and eventually offer a solution. 



When did you last smell the scent of nature?


It’s almost impossible to travel nowadays so there’s no way to be out there in the fields. Stuck in the city breeze?


Our air diffuser would bring you close to nature again. Try our Fresh Bamboo scent.

2. BAB Formula: Before – After – Bridge

In this formula, you portray two worlds – one with the problem and another with a problem-free world. Then, show how your offer can bridge the two worlds.



You wake up every day with the smell of your old room. 


Imagine if your old room always smells new!


Try our new Morning Breeze diffuser. Wake up with the smell of a fresh morning, every morning.   

3. FAB Formula: Features – Advantages – Benefits

In this formula, you tell your audience what your product or service can do, why it is helpful, and what it means for the person reading your post. 



Our diffuser releases essential oils which have antioxidant properties. 


It may aid in strengthening your immune system.


You would feel relaxed and less stressed.

4. The 4 C’s Formula: Clear – Concise – Compelling – Credible

In this formula, what you are saying should be easy to understand, short, enticing, and can be trusted.


Take home our essential oil diffuser and make your room smell like a spa, recommended by the best spa salon in town. 

5. The 4 U’s formula: Useful – Urgent – Unique – Ultra-specific

In this formula, you have to make sure that what you are saying is useful to the audience. Also, add a sense of urgency to them by giving a limited offer. Convey that the benefit of what you are offering is unique and very specific. 


Get a 30% discount on our essential oil diffuser for a limited time only! Get yours now and have a healthier and more relaxing home!

6. AIDA Formula: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

In this formula, you get the reader’s attention by either putting an irresistible offer or providing interesting information that appeals to your audience. Include the benefits of your offer and assay to it. Finally, include a call to action. 


50% OFF! Essential oil diffuser will keep your room fresh and will make you feel relaxed. We got 5-star reviews from several spa places in town. Order now to try it yourself!

There are a lot of ways to write content for your social media and capture the attention of your audience. And with great content and a genuine approach, people who visit your social media posts have higher chances of turning into a potential customer. 

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