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Instagram Live Rooms for Brand Growth

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Did you know that Instagram has more than a billion active users? The number of users makes this social network the most engaging one in the world. Yet, it is incredibly hard for brands to stand out and reach larger audiences effectively. If you are looking for a way for your brand to become more prominent, you should go back to personalized social media marketing. Here comes Instagram Live Room into play.

This option allows you to create separate broadcasting rooms and interact live with your followers. It is the perfect way to show what goes on BTS (behind the scenes) of your brand. Besides, this interaction connects the brand with its followers on a much deeper level creating a solid relationship. You can use Live Rooms in many different ways. Here are some.

Product or Service Revelation

When you create a new product or service, you can’t be sure whether your customers will like it the way you want them to. For this reason, you can host a product or service revelation in a live room to a few of your followers before going public.

This allows you to collect feedback and make necessary adjustments and win points with your customers. How come? By giving them an exclusive sneak peek, you show how much you value their opinion and are willing to go to great lengths to meet their expectations.

If you get positive feedback, you can also share your new products with potential customers and use this opportunity to convert them finally.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram is a type of social network immensely suitable for influencer marketing. Your brand can use this strategy to its advantage. All it takes is to invite respectable influencers to your Live Room. If you decide to take this step, you have to be careful when selecting influencers. The influencers you choose to invite must have their values aligned with those of your brand. Therefore, the easiest way to find such influencers is by searching through websites and blogs in your niche.

The next thing you should think about is the structure of your session. You have to ask yourself what would your followers like to know and use that to structure the session engagingly and interestingly. If you play your cards right, your page traffic and follower count might receive a significant boost.

Fundraising Events

There is no better way to improve a brand’s image than by giving back to the community. The easiest way to do so is by organizing fundraising events and donating to charities. Instagram and its Live Room feature allow you to host a live fundraising event for your followers to participate and donate. Instead of running a regular broadcasting session, you can raise funds for a charity of your choice. Now, this doesn’t mean you should forget all about Youtube and other platforms. Live Rooms are just another option for you to explore and grow your brand.


Another great reason why you should give Live Rooms a try is the ability to host Q&A sessions with your followers. Followers always have questions for their favourite brand makers, especially potential customers unsure whether they should try your products or services. Before scheduling one such session, you should research and make sure you deliver high-quality content and expertise to your followers. Try to establish your brand as the one willing to provide only the best service and user experience to its customers and followers. Additionally, ask them directly to participate and submit questions to have them answered.

During Q&As, it is easy to wander off-topic. Therefore, you have to stick to questions and follow the structure. Otherwise, your audience will leave the Room and continue scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Lastly, if possible, try to invite experts in the field to help you answer followers’ questions. Depending on their questions and the topic covered, you can invite experts or influencers, or brand ambassadors.

To conclude, standing out on social media such as Instagram isn’t easy. However, with Live Rooms as a sidekick, your brand will become the king of broadcasting and maximize social media marketing efforts in no time.

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