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4 Effective Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

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Creating stellar content is the first step towards achieving your content marketing aims. The second step is finding relevant backlinks to build prominence and move up the rankings ladder. As you already know, Google collects info about the business from the web, websites, and links. That’s why every content creator is always looking to find quality backlinks, from relevant sources. In this article, you’ll learn about effective ways to get those links and secure a high position in SERPs. 

Use Broken Links

The easiest way to get quality backlinks is by replacing broken links. Some website owners aren’t aware their websites contain broken links. If you happen to find them during your research, don’t think twice about contacting the owner. Before you do this, be prepared to offer relevant replacements in terms of links leading to your website or blog. Owners will gladly accept your offer if the links seem like the best option for the topic at hand. Although most tools offer to search a specific referring domain for such links, it’d be best to do it yourself. Owners might feel more inclined to swap their links for your own. 

Leverage Testimonials

Most purchasing decisions are made based on testimonials and recommendations. While marketers focus solely on providing them to boost sales, they often neglect their other, equally powerful impact. Original and truthful testimonials can bring quality backlinks to your website. When you write relevant content highlighting products or services, don’t forget to mention the site owners. If they recognize quality content, they might share it across social media or link to it. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. You get the backlinks you need, while brands get testimonials to influence buying decisions. 

Share Authentic Research

Throughout the years, content creators have become picky when it comes to the information they use in their output. That’s because they have to think about the ultimate recipient – the reader and the value content provides to them. As a result, original research and statistical data seem like the ideal choice regardless of the topic or industry. If you’re knowledgeable in a niche, feel free to share the insights with others. The benefits of this practice are twofold. Firstly, you’ll position yourself as a leading expert in a given field. Secondly, you’ll get an abundance of backlinks. 

Create Visuals

Are you good at designing content such as illustrations or infographics? If the answer’s yes, then you have another skill to leverage for backlinking purposes. The majority of blog visitors are visual types. It means they prefer consuming visual content rather than any other type. Similarly, statistics show visuals attract customers and help brands reach their marketing objectives. Also, they help with backlinking efforts. For this reason, create and include visuals in your content. It’ll make your content more appealing and easily shareable by others resulting in quality backlinks to your website.


Content marketing strategies rely on quality content and backlinks to guarantee success. While there are many ways to get backlinks, the four covered in this article prove to be the most efficient. If you haven’t already, give them a try and see it for yourself.

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