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Instagram Reels Hacks You Need To Know

In 2020, when people are required to stay at home, TikTok paved its way to being one of the most popular apps in the world. Their short videos have been their best feature that inspired other apps to adapt to them too. 

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Now, Instagram’s reel is becoming the fastest-growing feature worldwide. It has also provided business owners and influencers opportunities to promote their brands. Some even hire experts from Reach More Digital Marketing and other top agencies to optimize their social media accounts. 

If you want to increase views and followers on your Instagram, here are some hacks you can implement using reels:

Include on-screen captions and text

For some, watching Netflix with subtitles helps them better understand the movie. It also applies to Instagram reels, especially when posting tutorials or telling stories. Apart from that, you can make your audience finish your video even when they aren’t turning on the sound. 

To add on-screen texts, you can tap on the sticker icon on Instagram and select “Captions”. Doing this will allow you to save time transcribing your audio from scratch. Then, you need to make a few tweaks to ensure that all the captions are correct. 

Add the right music

Like Tiktok, most views come from those videos that use the most trending song or sound. Therefore, incorporating audio from popular music can also provide a new set of viewers that could eventually be your followers. However, not every popular song will suit your business, so you must carefully choose one that resonates with your brand’s personality.

To add music to your reel, you can search for the title or source of the audio. As you scroll through others’ reels, you may also save them for future use. Note that when using a business Instagram account, there are restricted audio selections you cannot use due to their copyright. 

Encourage viewers to check your link in the Bio

One of the reasons why businesses are present on various social media platforms is to generate sales. You must provide a clear call-to-action (CTA) to implement that using reels. You may add it to your on-screen text, let them know by mentioning it on your video, or include it in your video caption. You may then utilize a link in the bio tool or create shortcut URLs that can redirect to your website or sales page.

Adding a link to your Instagram is a great way to promote your website or provide easy access for them to purchase your products or services.

Create consistent posts based on your niche

While it is tempting to create random posts as long as they are trendy, your business must focus on your niche. For example, if you are a coffee shop, you can post new coffee recipes they can try at home. For a skincare brand, you can share self-care tips that will benefit your audience. 

Avoid creating content that is not directly relevant to your brand. You may also skip sharing your opinion on sensitive topics such as politics and religion, which could affect your brand’s reputation.

Include hashtags on every post

On average, adding 3 to 5 hashtags would suffice in providing the Instagram algorithm with an idea of what you are offering and connecting you to relevant audiences. For example, hashtags like #coffeerecipe, #specialtycoffee, and #icedcoffee will specify that you are serving coffee. This will allow Instagram to create a bridge for you and people actively engaging in similar content. 

Do not get discouraged if you don’t receive much engagement on your first few reels. Like anything on social media, keep posting and analyzing your data. Do not be afraid of trial and error until you can expand your reach and drive new followers to your page.

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