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Social Media Manager vs Social Media Marketer: Who Do You Need for Your Business?

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Increasing your online presence is one of the goals of businesses nowadays. Both startups and established companies create their social media accounts to reach out to their target market and allot more marketing expenses than traditional strategies. And to keep up with the fast-paced social media world, they have to spend time and energy creating regular posts, engaging with their audience, and implementing effective ways to trend online.

But this can be exhausting especially if you have other tasks at hand. Asking for the help of an expert like us here at Reach More Digital could be the best way to lighten up the load without compromising results. For your social media, you can hire a social media manager or a marketer. Yes, they are two different people with different tasks. How will you know who you’ll be needing help with? Let’s discuss their differences.

What is a social media manager?

Social media is a channel where you engage with your audience. As a business owner, it is impossible to interact with them 24/7 on these platforms. A social media manager often ensures your social networks are maximised to their full potential. They are responsible for scheduling and posting content and engaging with your customers. 

The tasks of a social media manager typically include:

  • Planning monthly social media campaigns 
  • Creating content fit for your target audience
  • Engaging with customers on social networks
  • Knowing trending content and applying it on your channels

If you are looking for a social media manager, it is best to find someone organised and analytical, who can multitask, and who has strong communication skills with knowledge of presentation and promotion. 

What is a social media marketer?

Social media marketing refers to the use of social networks for marketing and promoting your business. If a social media manager focuses on engaging and overseeing social media accounts, a social media marketer, on the other hand, focuses on creating and implementing strategies to generate leads. 

The tasks of a social media marketer typically include:

  • Monitoring and analysing social media metrics 
  • Using social media tools to know the preferences of your target audience
  • Improve marketing strategies for all social media accounts
  • Create ads to reach out to more potential customers

For social media marketers, research and marketing skills are a must. They also need to be great at thinking strategically, curating content, and analysing and creating reports.

Whether you admit it or not, you’ll need assistance for your business, especially when it’s growing. Doing everything for your business will end up making you exhausted. Ask for help and make sure you are choosing the right people, depending on your needs. 
Knowing the difference between a social media manager and a marketer will allow you to find the person fit for the job and will ensure that all tasks are done effectively. It is also worth knowing their strengths and limitations so that you’ll be able to balance them out and create a great atmosphere in their working environment, which will also reflect on the reputation of your business as a whole.

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