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Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

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If one thing is true for digital marketing, it’s that it constantly evolves. As a matter of fact, every year brings new and upgraded trends to the industry. 2024 promises to take technology and creativity to the next level. While there have been certain developments in various areas of digital marketing practices, we’ve managed to pick out the most prominent ones. According to leading marketing experts, we’ll witness the rise of nano-influencer marketing and podcasts, greater personalisation, and data privacy this year. 


Up to this point, marketers believed the larger the influencer’s audience, the better their reach would be. However, that’s not the case anymore. Experts predict the rise of nano-influencers in 2024 as one of the types of influencers. Many studies show people with up to 10,000 followers help generate twice as many engagement rates as macro-influencers. Large fashion and cosmetic brands have already begun to market their products through such profiles. Another benefit of this relationship is the cost. Nano-influencers charge much less, so brands can save and earn money at the same time. As for retailers and well-known brands, they are less likely to stop leveraging macro-influencers. They still need greater reach and higher brand awareness than small and medium-sized businesses. 


Social media personalisation isn’t necessarily a new trend. It’s been around for a while, but marketers believe it’ll play a crucial role in marketing strategies this year. Every brand collects data about customer behavior, which they later use to deliver custom messages throughout the entire purchasing process. When they experience personalisation, customers feel recognised and valued by the brand. Once they feel this way, it’s more likely they’ll convert and repeat purchases. To reach a high personalisation level, brands must know their audience to the core and use the right infrastructure. It’s the only way they’ll be able to provide a unique experience to their customers. 


While blogging is still widely popular, some think podcasts will take over in 2024 for many reasons. For example, anyone can find a podcast on any topic they’re interested in. Also, a topic from any industry can be discussed in this format. Moreover, experts from various areas can become a guest on a podcast and share valuable information with a target audience. Lastly, users can consume this format whenever they like. Experienced marketers advise others to combine blogging and podcasts for better marketing results. While getting started with podcasting might take a lot of work, it might be easier with a few tips. Try to promote every new episode through ads or by sending out emails to subscribers. Also, connect with other podcasters and promote one another. 

Data Privacy

Nothing costs more a brand than a cyber breach. It’s not a serious matter just from a monetary standpoint but from a marketing one too. In the aftermath of such an event, customers become reluctant to share their private information. As a result, engagement rates drop, and data collection becomes trivial. With rapid technological advancements, hackers are becoming more efficient. That’s why data privacy is a growing concern for most users. To help overcome this fear, brands should be more transparent about their customer data collection process. More importantly, they should keep track of the latest regulations and tools that could help keep all the data secure. 


We are all used to seeing digital marketing bring new trends every year, and it’s no different this year. Studies and experts agree that nano-influencers, personalisation, podcasts, and data privacy will be crucial aspects most brands will have to improve if they want to improve their bottom line.

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