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How to Grow Your Business through IGTV?

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By now, all digital marketers have become aware that social media has more than one purpose. Apart from being used for communication with friends and family, they can also be used for marketing campaigns. Currently, the hottest social platform for marketing purposes is, without a doubt, Instagram. What started as a creative and visual outlet soon became a leading marketing channel.

Although Millennials are the ones who spend most of their time online sharing photos and videos on this precise platform, brands can use it to target other demographic groups as well. The network has various features, but the one feature that has caught every digital marketer’s eye is IGTV. Unlike Reels, it allows users to shoot longer videos and share them with their followers. If you are interested in knowing how to use IGTV to a good advantage, continue reading.

IGTV vs Instagram Live vs Reels — What’s the Difference?

Before you learn how your brand can benefit from IGTV, we must clarify what IGTV is and whether it’s similar to Instagram Live and Reels or completely different. 

Instagram Live is mostly used for live streaming of events or sessions with influencers or leading experts in the field. Since it functions similarly to a highlight, it lasts only 24 hours. Although some brands like to upload their Instagram Live recording as an IGTV, most users dislike this practice. It ruins the whole experience for them since Instagram Live tool doesn’t allow any editing or prerecording. 

Reels are short videos lasting up to 15 seconds. The best part about them is controlling or editing the visuals, speed, and music. Unlike Instagram Live, Reels don’t get saved as Highlights but have a section of their own on the feed. 

IGTV are a great choice for brands because they can prerecord, edit, or brand a video and share it with everyone. Thus, they have more time to polish and bring them to perfection. In this way, IGTV resembles YouTube because you can upload edited long-form videos. As a result, brands can share tutorials, tours, or masterclasses with their followers. Also, the videos can be sorted out into a series in case you have themed videos. 

The Aesthetics

What does attract any user to check out Instagram profiles? The answer is aesthetics. Users like to see or browse through visually structured content. Since Instagram is all about visuals, you have to keep your profile neat and pleasing to the eye. The same goes for your IGTV. The more appealable your cover photo is, the better your chances of having users click on it are. So how do you select an attractive cover photo? Firstly, choose an image that is relevant to the video content. Then, make sure the photo perfectly matches the dimensions for the preview, so users don’t have trouble viewing and accessing the content. 

Links Result in Clicks

Not many digital marketers know this, but users can add links not only in their bio but also in their IGTV video description. By adding a clickable link, you’re making sure users can follow through and check out the video, whether it’s on the feed or the website. Moreover, you can use links on your Instagram profile to lead to the website, thus driving the traffic and converting leads. All it takes for a link to result in clicks is to add a call-to-action (CTA) button. 


You may not realize it, but your audience likes to see what happens behind the scene of major events such as product launches, preparations, etc. They are interested in knowing how the brand operates daily or how the products are made. A sneak peek into your day-to-day operations is the content they crave to see. This is particularly important if you’re running a corporation or a startup because users want to see what your workplace culture is like. Therefore, when you give them what they want, you boost their engagement, leading to conversions and profit. 


IGTV is a great way for your brand to showcase its product range or make customers familiar with all the services it provides. For example, you can make a video trying out the products or join a few shorter videos showing satisfied customers who had already tried them and loved them. Such testimonials do wonders to your brand’s credibility and help it build a trustworthy relationship with customers. Similarly, you can make tutorials on how to use the products to achieve the best results possible.

Apart from being used for communication, social media has proven to be quite beneficial for digital marketing as well. For example, Instagram with its IGTV feature is great for bringing the brand and its products or services closer to the target groups. If you follow our advice closely, in no time will you be able to see the improvements in the results of your marketing campaign.

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