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5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Content Marketing Agency

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Hiring a content marketing agency is never an easy job. That’s because there are too many of them, which makes the selection process much more difficult. Also, they cost money, and the agency has to suit the brand’s marketing efforts. Most marketers want to know how to narrow down the agencies and choose the most suitable one. 

You are most likely to encounter partners and vendors on your road to finding the most suitable agency for your content marketing. But, do you know the difference between the two types? If you don’t, then it might take you a while to find the best fit. The difference lies in the approach these agencies take. While vendors have a more generalized approach to their clients, partners treat every client differently and uniquely. 

Now that you understand the difference, you can continue reading to determine which five crucial questions you must ask before hiring a content marketing agency. 

Do They Specialize in Your Industry?

Content marketing can be quite a powerful way of attracting new customers and keeping them engaged. To give the customers what they need, you should have an experienced and skillful team in charge of the content. Therefore, make sure the agency has some experience in handling content marketing for your industry. Every brand has a unique voice that separates them from the others, and the content it shares with its customers should project that voice. If the agency doesn’t have experience with your industry, it might not deliver the content your brand needs. You can always ask some follow-up questions to see how the agency without experience plans to handle your brand’s content.

Is Your Brand the Right Fit for the Agency?

Great marketing agencies pride themselves on achieving the best possible results for their clients. To reach such aims, they have to make sure the brand they’re working for is the right fit for them too. Otherwise, they might not be able to deliver the expected results. During a conversation, you might notice how engaged they are. That’s because they’re trying hard to understand your brand’s marketing needs and those of your customers in terms of content. It shows genuine commitment on their behalf. At this stage, you should tell them everything they need to know about the brand, its audience, products, etc. The information you share will be enough to determine if they have what it takes to be your marketing partner. 

Are They Jack of All Trades?

During your search, you’re most likely to stumble upon agencies that are in it just for the money. Such agencies are rarely transparent when it comes to the services they provide. This means they might act as Jack of all trades when in fact, they’re masters of none. For example, you want to use ads on social media for content marketing. A transparent and trustworthy partner agency will tell you immediately if they can do it or not.  More importantly, if they can’t, they will recommend someone who can without any ulterior motives because that’s what partners do.

Can They Show You the Actual Results of their Work?

Don’t believe everything you see on social media. The same goes for content marketing agencies’ profiles. While having a great number of followers is okay, it doesn’t prove anything. Your brand needs to achieve its marketing objectives. That’s why you should ask to see actual results of their work, not just samples. For example, you want to see how much traffic has their content produced for a client or how many leads. If the agency is willing to show these results to you without any hesitation, then you know it’s the real deal.

Who Will Be in Charge of Your Project?

The last question you should ask is who will be in charge of your project. Will they hand it off to an account manager of some sort or a content marketing specialist with experience in your industry? When an experienced manager handles your project, you can be sure it gets the attention it deserves. Furthermore, this person should dedicate themselves to growing your business through content and making sure all your goals are regularly met. Hence, don’t shy away from asking this question because the success of your content marketing strategy largely depends on the person in charge.

To sum up, by asking these questions, you’re making sure the agency you choose is fully committed to creating original content and helping you achieve your business and marketing goals. Hence, don’t worry if you’re too intrusive because you’re only making sure your brand gets the best.

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