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3 Genius Hacks to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

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Social media marketing is so much more than marketing your brand on networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now you can expand the strategy to include LinkedIn for more effective results. But, unfortunately, even the most experienced marketers have primarily neglected this social network. It is a shame, given its many benefits. Hence, continue reading to learn three genius hacks that will help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and unlock immense potential for engagement and traffic boosts.

Expand Your Network 

Like any other social network, LinkedIn too has algorithms. However, when talking about this precise social network, it all comes down to the basics. One of the essentials for a successful LinkedIn profile is the network. The bigger the network, the greater the engagement.

Anything that you post or share on your profile is visible only by your connections. They are the only users that can see the content, like or share it with others. LinkedIn does not allow users to search for specific updates unless they are connected to the profile behind the particular update. Therefore, the more connections you have, the more likes you will have.

This does not mean you should connect with people blindly. That will not bring you the quality connections you need. Instead, connect only with the people you already know or with the leading experts in your industry. This will drive engagement and make your profile more visible and recognizable in the LinkedIn community.

Repost from Twitter 

To drive traffic and boost engagement, you have to post regularly. Some marketers advise posting content up to 3 times a day. However, the most important thing to remember is that it is not about how often you post but whether or not you post high-quality content. This is where Twitter comes into play.

Chances are, you have a valid and active Twitter account. Some marketers like to tweet or retweet on Twitter much often than on other social networks. This strategy is helpful for your LinkedIn account too. For instance, when tweeting on Twitter, you can monitor the engagement levels and determine which tweets have attracted the most replies, retweets, or likes. Then you can share those tweets on LinkedIn and hope for at least the same, if not higher, interaction levels. So, do not shy away from relying on Twitter Analytics. Instead, use it as a secret weapon to boost engagement on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn Pulse

The time has come for you to familiarize yourself with LinkedIn’s app, Pulse. This app is excellent for content marketing as it exposes the profile to massive and different audiences through its content. To attract users and viewers to your profile and content, you have to feature it on the desired channel on the Pulse firstly. It has various channels dedicated to different topics. Now is the time when you have to do some actual work to get the content featured. You can do it in two different ways.

The first is through the good old-fashioned SEO. The way Pulse works are it analyzes your content piece and categorizes it accordingly. Therefore, make sure you have all your keywords in the title and throughout the text. This makes the content perfectly optimized and ready to be analyzed.

Apart from optimizing content, you can reach out to an editor and ask if they would be willing to feature your article in the channel. You have to bear in mind that even when you submit the article, that does not guarantee you lots of traffic right away. The work does not end here. You still have to work your way to the top three featured stories. The best way to do this is by using all three social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, for marketing. This way, you will drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile to check out the article. The best part about this is that you do not need to drive the traffic for a long time. LinkedIn checks the engagement and traffic in the last few minutes. Hence, all you need is a slight promotion to push the article over the top.

In the end, your social media marketing strategy should include LinkedIn as well. If you work consistently and constantly on growing your network, reposting enticing and optimized content, you will reach broader audiences and increase brand awareness.

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