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Red Flag Triggers on Your Brand’s Online Credibility

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How you showcase your brand online can make or break your business. Almost every business nowadays is trying to build its online presence. Some people think that if your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist. However, even if you are online, there are still red flag triggers that can make people doubt your credibility.

Your social media account is inactive.

In Google Adsense, it is considered inactive if your site isn’t showing ads for at least four months. You will then be reminded to keep it active and have to wait for a month before ads start to show again. 

The same goes for your social media account. If your last post was a few months ago, your pages are considered inactive. This can prompt people to unfollow you or turn into your competitors instead. Keeping your social media presence active is a must if you want your target market to trust your brand. If it isn’t possible to post daily, aim on having 2-3 posts per week instead. 

Your content is poorly designed

You may not be aware but poorly designed content is actually hurting your social media presence. Blurred images aren’t appealing and would have your audience scroll down. Also, take note of the design of your graphics. While it is great to keep up with the latest trends, copying isn’t a good thing. It will end up looking cheap, lazy, and unappealing. Make sure to customize templates according to your brand’s personality and create a brand board to make your posts look consistent. 

You are not clear on your offers

Captions are also important. While you have no control over people’s comprehension, being clear on your offers is your responsibility. Check for punctuation marks, as well as misspelled words and grammatical errors. Make sure your instructions are clear, especially for promos and discount offers. Be specific on your call to action and make it as short and straightforward as possible.

Your social media pages are boring

You only got a few seconds to catch the attention of your audience online and if your pages are boring, you could lose potential followers or sales conversion. Be creative and showcase your expertise online. You can collaborate with real people to use your products and advertise for you. Allot a budget for giveaways and social media contests if possible. Keep people interested by allowing them to get involved and making things fun and interesting. 

Your followers are not organic

People can discern if your followers are organic. It is often seen in the engagement you have on your social media. If you have a thousand followers but only a few likes and shares, your target market might doubt your credibility. If you are new to social media, don’t be afraid to start from scratch. Avoid going through shortcuts by buying followers or likes. It is never a good idea if you want to keep a good online reputation. Instead, work with social media marketing experts who will help you increase your online presence without having to risk damaging your business.

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