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4 Ways to Leverage Short-form Video Content

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What’s the first thing you notice on social media? It’s short-form videos. They’re easy, funny, viral, and extremely marketable. Customers and marketers love them because they deliver the message most naturally. In 60 seconds or less, customers can learn so much about the brand and its products, thus establishing a strong bond. Social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are the best places for sharing this type of video. If you’re thinking about creating short-form video content for marketing purposes but don’t know where to start, we’ve got a few ideas for you. 

Product Teasers and Demos

It’s become widely known that a viewer’s attention span doesn’t last too long. With that in mind, you should make the most out of the short-form video to persuade them to take the desired action. This type of video is ideal for product teasers and demos. As a content creator, you have all the flexibility you need to tease viewers with new products and explain why they should give it a try. If you play your cards right, they might be eager to learn more about it. Such videos are common in most industries, so making your idea happen shouldn’t be a problem. 

Apart from product teasers, you can also use short videos for product demos. The only difference is the focus. With this sort of video, you should focus on the how rather than on the why. Customers are more likely to buy products after watching a branded video. It’s because they’re persuasive and informative enough. Potential customers can easily imagine themselves using the product in their everyday life. The only concern is how to keep it brief and straightforward. Depending on the niche and social network, you can rely on trending references such as songs, animations, and snippets. 

User-generated Content (UGC)

Although this may not necessarily be a new tactic, it’s among the most effective ones. Whether it’s because of long distancing or not, most content in the post-COVID era has been user generated. Customers, on the one hand, feel engaged when they create content using their favourite products. Brands, on the other, get engagement boosts and testimonials. Some of these videos are usually reviews, while others serve as tutorials or DIY. Not only do they educate viewers, but also convince them they’ll satisfy their needs perfectly. What brands also get from user-generated content is much-needed exposure and customer base growth.

Behind the Scene (BTS)

Most customers are curious by nature. What they would like to know is what goes on behind the scenes. Behind every video campaign, there are months of brainstorming, planning, and coordination. Chances are there are setbacks, too, which are a part of growth. This and the process of a product coming to life is something customers like to see. Why not satisfy their curiosity by letting them in on the whole development? As a reward, you’ll earn their trust and increase transparency. Customers won’t have trouble believing the brand’s values and claims if the video is authentic. 

Answer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Customers also express their curiosity by asking questions about the brand, its products or services, composition, price, etc. Most brands have a page dedicated to answering the most frequently asked ones. However, written text can’t come close to visual or video content. That’s why you should explore the idea of creating some short videos to dispel customers’ doubts. This is a great opportunity for a brand to start a conversation and have an open line of communication. With social media and websites, collecting questions has never been easier. All that’s left to do is to pick the most common ones and create videos explaining them as concisely as possible. 


Short-form videos all over social media. They manage to keep the viewer’s attention just as long as to pass down relevant brand information. It’s enough to influence their purchasing decisions and convert them into loyal customers.

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