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Utilising Keywords on Facebook Posts

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Facebook still has been one of the most popular platforms when it comes to marketing your business online. And with its continuous development, it can be levelled with social media networks like TikTok because of its reel features. However, as a business, you should also be continuously learning about the algorithms and trends in social media marketing. For example, the use of hashtags is no longer effective at the moment compared to how it was used before. But you can still utilise keywords on your Facebook posts by implementing effective strategies.

When creating captions for your social media posts, you must make them short, straightforward, and clear. You have a lot of competition in the news feed. That’s why it isn’t advisable to create long captions. It isn’t a blog post that requires a lot of details. You may also need to avoid unnecessary words to avoid confusing the algorithm. 

Indexical Suggestion 

We use keywords on our social media for searchability. We aim to reach out to our target customers and have them find us on these platforms. For it to become effective, you must use keywords relevant to your brand. The more specific keywords you use, the better. Aside from captions, you may also implement this on your “about” page to tell the algorithm who your target audience is. 

Psychographic Targeting

Psychographics refers to the psychological attributes of a consumer. In marketing, it targets their beliefs, interests, and purchasing habits. Using keywords should reflect what your customers think about you. It should always solve their problems or connect with their goals to invoke emotions. To come up with the right keywords, you can join communities related to your brand or interview existing clients to know more about them.

Behavioural Targeting

Have you tried searching for something on your social media account and suddenly seen a lot of ads related to it afterwards? That’s what social media algorithms do. Behavioural targeting is a method that utilises the web user’s information for advertisements. It involves gathering data and browsing behaviours from a target customer. 

Once you can determine your audience’s browsing behaviour, you may use keywords that trigger a reaction and encourage them to purchase your products or services. This will act as call-to-action statements to convert your posts into sales. To help you develop the best keywords to use, you may visit the pages of your competitors and look into their most engaging posts. 

Apart from learning about the best keywords to use for your social media posts, it is also important to know what not to use. For example, acronyms that stand for profane language or terms with controversial topics are restricted. Using this might affect your social media reputation or temporarily suspend your page. Remember that the effective use of keywords on Facebook and other social media platforms requires a combination of social insights and research.

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