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Video Transcripts as SEO Booster

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A recent study on video marketing has revealed that videos have helped 90% of marketers boost their traffic. Also, they’ve managed to raise brand awareness, which ultimately helped generate leads. While some believe videos are better than written pieces, we’re bringing a new perspective to the table. What do you get when you combine interactive and dynamic video content and static texts? The answer is video transcripts as an SEO booster! Videos can attract and keep user’s attention, while transcripts help search engines discover your content and rank it. There are a few other benefits as well. Continue reading to find out more.


Your audience has its personal preferences when it comes to consuming video content. Some are looking for a high-quality experience where visuals and sound play vital roles. Others like to turn down the volume and enjoy the story in pure video form. There are also blind, visually impaired, hard-of-hearing or deaf members of your community. They’d also like to be given the chance to enjoy your marketing campaigns. Furthermore, non-native speakers of your language can understand the message more easily. Adding transcripts to your videos makes them accessible to every customer, regardless of their background. This way, they have all the means necessary to consume your content whichever way they want.

Lower Bounce Rates

If you’re struggling with high bounce rates, then this might be the right solution for your problem. Video transcripts grasp the user’s attention and hold it longer than regular content. Some content creators take this a step further and add interactive transcripts, which increase user engagement. Thanks to this practice, users spend more time engaging with your content. Once the experience is finished, the message resonates with them, ultimately making them return for more. Although some users don’t watch the video until its end, they can still understand the key takeaways. They can simply scan through the transcript and receive the message.

Greater Link Building Opportunities

Depending on your link-building strategy, you may focus on internal or external links or both. For internal links, you need links from your domains, such as websites and blogs. However, external linking is more demanding. It requires asking other website owners to link your content. Video transcripts are a unique practice because it’s beneficial regardless of your strategy. You can link your blog posts in transcripts if you have a chance. As this becomes your practice, a regular visitor will navigate to your content intuitively. As for external links, making transcripts compelling and relevant is a priority. That’s what’ll make them shareable.

Abundance of Content 

Producing large volumes of quality content takes continuous inspiration and effort. When you feel least creative, you can just dig into your video transcripts. Find something that suits your weekly topic and adjust it for the blog or social media. With a few tweaks here and there and some optimization, you’ll have new long or short-form content ready for posting. Since transcripts already contain keywords, the adapted version will boost your SEO too. Breaking long texts into smaller and relevant social media posts is also one of the options. If they find it original enough, users can share it with others, allowing you to reach unimaginable audiences.


Video marketing continues to provide incredible benefits for marketers and brands. Customers who consume content visually and those who do it textually can enjoy it equally. Adding transcripts to videos makes your content accessible, discoverable, crawlable, shareable, and adaptable. Therefore, don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your SEO with this simple practice.

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