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How to Create Video Content that Converts

Most companies who use social media to promote their businesses are now into video marketing. This is the most effective way to capture an audience’s attention. Most users now find videos engaging because of apps like Snapchat, Tiktok, and YouTube. 

These days, it is now easier to make people watch video ads or content, especially if it is something that they can relate to. You can even turn your company profile into a fun “about us” short video and pin it on the top of your page for brand awareness. You may also create video content in advertising your product or to drive traffic to your website. 

White smartphone making a video of cities with buildings

You may look for your high performing contents and create a video version of it to boost its engagement. There are a lot of other ideas in creating video content but you also need to know some factors to consider on how your videos could catch your potential customers’ attention and make them buy your message or your product and services.

Compelling Video Titles and Thumbnails

Your videos’ thumbnails and titles help your audience decide if they would want to click and play your video posts. Thus, you have to be creative and good in wordplay when it comes to thinking of the best title for your video. Describe what your audience would expect about it but do not explain everything to keep their curiosity and have them finish watching the content. The thumbnail or cover image of your video should be eye-catchy. If it would come with bold text, do not put too much text or make it too text-heavy. Make it short, simple, and clear.

High-Quality Video and Audio

Making your audience click your video post is just the first part of your goal. You have to make them stay and stick on their screen until the last seconds of the video. Another factor that affects the audience to stay on every frame of your videos is its visual and audio quality. Pixelated moving objects can hurt the eyes. Poor audio can be a barrier to understanding your videos’ content and annoy your audience. Invest in high-quality video production to save your video marketing efforts. How good your videos are will also portray the credibility of your brand itself. 

Valuable and Desirable Content

Since videos can attract even the laziest viewers, make sure to create content that adds value to your audience. Create contents that are inspiring, entertaining, and helpful. This would encourage your audience to share your video post. Capturing their emotions through your videos can contribute to brand engagement and traffic to your site. 


Storytelling skill is not only good for copywriting and blogging, it is also an edge for video marketing. The flow of the information, message, and content of your video would make the audience be hooked to it from beginning till end. It requires good storytelling skills to keep the connection of your audience to your videos. 

Clear and Simple Call to Action

Do not end your video post without a call to action or with a vague one. You may allure the viewers to take any action at the end of the video like clicking a link to your site for traffic, sharing or commenting on the video for engagement and reach, or clicking that message button to lure them further to your sales funnel. Your post videos not just for it to get many views but for it to convert the viewers into followers for your brand or buyers of your products or services. 

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