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Increasing Your Small Business Sales Through Photos

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It is never a secret that product photography is one of the vital parts of marketing and promoting your business. It is a way to give your customers a first impression and, ultimately, buy your products. But what about small businesses that offer services? How can service-based businesses use images to grab attention, explain their offers without too much text, and give their audience confidence to avail of their services?

Tell a story

People hate looking at an image with a lot of text. It is an ad, and fewer people would want to read it. If you are offering services, tell a story about it through images. An image can speak a thousand words. Capture a before and after scenario – a point A to point B journey about how your service solved a problem or gave value to your existing customers. 

Feature real people

We know that influencer marketing is the most popular social media marketing strategy nowadays, but not all businesses can afford it, and there are other factors to consider before jumping right through it. For small businesses, nothing beats real people’s reviews and testimonials. A photo of a satisfied customer and how they enjoy your service can go a long way.

You simply suggest to your audience that if other people are happy about your service, it’s worth a try. It helps establish your credibility and attract confidence from other potential customers. 

Capture the behind-the-scenes

Show the actual service you offer through photos behind the scenes. Less or no filter at all would be better. No matter how messy the process is, it builds your authenticity to show your audience how you work and deliver your promises. Showing your business’ true side will make your audience feel more connected with real people. 

Show your face

Aside from showing a photo of the process, you may show your face too. Social media users prefer seeing the face of the content creator or influencer because they can relate to them. Make your employees your brand ambassadors by including them in your marketing materials. This is an effective way to connect and build relationships with your audience.

Instill emotions through photos

Stir your audience’s emotions by posting sentimental images about your business. It can be something about your milestones and achievements and tell them how grateful you are to your previous clients. Post something that can make them feel inspired, amused, or entertained. 

Your goal here is to make them feel special so that they can tell more people about your services. When more people sense that you are appreciative and know how to care for your clients, they, too, will be more interested in your business.

Writing better captions, plus showing what your business is all about through photos, will allow your audience to get hooked on you. Social media marketing is now more effective with images and videos as people get easily bored with long captions alone. For some, hiring product photographers is the best option. For others, collaborating with the best social media managers impacts creating the best content for their target audiences. Maybe it’s time for your business to implement the same strategies above.

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