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5 Ways to Conquer Content Creators Writer’s Block

Every content creator experiences writer’s block. You may be amazed by their seemingly endless ideas on what to post or write about. However, there are times where they stare at their screen for hours with no results. 

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If you are a writer or social media content creator, here are some ways you can conquer writer’s block. 

1. Incorporate free writing techniques

Do not try to perfect everything in one sitting. There will be times when you just need to start and write whatever comes to your mind. There are free writing techniques you can try to be able to get started. 

  • Clear your mind. One reason why we experience writer’s block might be because our mind is preoccupied with other things. It may be a personal concern, a household chore you need to finish, or a noisy environment. Make sure to find an area where you can focus entirely on writing and relax your mind.
  • Don’t try to write perfectly. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to perfect everything. So forget about grammar, spelling, and correct punctuation. You can always revise it after.
  • Set a time limit. You may set a ten to a fifteen-minute time limit and start writing about your topic. Write whatever comes to your mind and express all the ideas that you have. Continue writing until the timer stops. 

When you are all done, you can go back and reread what you have written. Mark your main points and proceed to create your second draft. Take breaks, especially if you find yourself getting unfocused. Note that freewriting is recommended for non-linear writing. If you are required to write about facts and accurate information, make sure to research and refer to useful resources. 

2. Keep a list of topics

As a content creator, it is important to keep a list of topics on hand. You can keep a mini notebook where you can write every topic idea that comes to your mind. It’s a convenient way to easily finish content without having to remember every trending topic that you have thought of or found.

3. Ask questions

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer or target audience. What do you think are the questions or topics that they usually search in connection to your brand? Understand your buyer persona and rethink their needs and preferences. By asking and creating questions, you will be able to identify the topics they want and respond to their needs. 

4. Revisit old contents 

Look back at old posts you have created and try to expand each piece. Choose your most favourite post or one that has the most engagement. You can create a new topic from one of its subtopics or write an updated version of your post from these. If you have a series of issues, you can even create an ebook to share or sell to your target audience.

5. Check your competition

Aside from learning and understanding their strategies, you can borrow new topics by checking the competitor’s website or social media pages. This will also give you an idea of what’s trending in your industry. Then, repurpose their posts but make sure that you don’t copy the entire content to avoid plagiarism. 

If you’ve dedicated most of your career to writing, it is also necessary to take breaks. Unless it is your daily task, creating a content calendar might be the best idea to help you organize writing and avoid writer’s block. As a content creator, it is crucial to continuously learn and be updated on the trends in your industry, but it is also essential to let yourself breathe to help you refresh your mind.

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