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5 Fundamental Rules in Writing an Appealing Copy

Nowadays,copywriting services are considered essential for any online marketer. Their job’s primary purpose is to write copies that connect with their readers while describing a product or services and ultimately convince them to purchase it.

Unfortunately, there are still businesses that think copywriting is an easy job. They would make a wordplay around their marketing materials and write a lot of low-quality pieces available all around the internet. A lot of better content goes unnoticed because there are more terrible ones out there.

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In Reach More Digital Marketing Agency, Watford Hertfordshire, we make sure that every copy appeals to your audience and is share-worthy. Let’s go back to the basics of how to write an appealing copy for your audience:

Read and research first

Before you start writing any copy, you need to read many things about the company’s potential customers. You would want to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes to make sure that you will build a connection with them through your copy. While you may have many fascinating topics in mind, it will not be a trend if it didn’t touch your target audience’s interests.

You will be able to know your audience’s personality, values, and interests once you did your research about them. The more you know your audience, the more you can write share-worthy content for them.

As a general rule, don’t bombard your copy with complex technical information. It is better to always write in plain and simple language about your topic.

Think of an eye-catching headline

Even if you are writing about a generally known topic, headlines can be a game-changer. Headlines are like artwork exhibits. You put all the best artworks in a place where everybody can easily see them. Your first goal is to catch your audience’s attention to make the person want to come in and further read your craft.

Writing a headline may seem an easy task, but it can take up to 50% of writing the whole article itself in reality. While “how-to” articles are the most common and compelling title for most articles, you can think outside the box and be more creative. You may use words that appeal to your audience’s emotions. If you can target their pain points using storytelling, expressions, allusions, or metaphors, there’s a greater chance they would dive into your content. Don’t be afraid to make personalized, funny, intriguing, or bragging headlines if they can feel that another human is talking to them through your headlines, the better.

Keep your readers engaged

The next challenge after getting your audience’s attention is to keep them interested in your copy. Your introduction should be engaging and making sense already. Starting with questions might help, but don’t make your first paragraph full of it. There are other ways such as:

  • imposing strong emotion,
  • warning them about unpleasant issues,
  • setting expectations about a solution to the problem,
  • adding some element of surprise,

or making your audience feel that they are about to get some value out of your copy.

Write in a digestible format

Now, let’s go to the technical aspects of writing a copy – the structure. The structure of your document should be well-organized, concise, and written in a digestible format. If there’s an ease in reading your content, you can smoothly lead your readers until the conclusion of your copy. Here are some guidelines for an good and scannable format:

  • Not more than five sentences per paragraph
  • The sentence should not contain more than 25 words
  • Do not use complicated language
  • There should be space between paragraphs

Add some graphics

Adding quality and relevant images to your copy would be satisfying to the eyes of your readers. They are an excellent way to divide paragraphs, especially if you are writing a very long copy. The images would give them a break before they got buried to a text-heavy or a seem-to-be endless text. Images are essential if you want to have a better chance to get your copy shared all around the internet, especially on social media platforms. Make sure that the photos you add have a semantic impact on your copy. There are many sites where you can download photos for free, but it would also be great to know how to do some retouching of images to make sure they will look more real, natural and would complement your brand.

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