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People-Centric Storytelling: Building Your Brand Story Around People

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In a world where brands make an effort to catch their ideal customers’ attention, it is vital to implement something about it: the art of storytelling. People love to hear stories, and crafting one for your brand sets you apart from your competitors. It is more than just telling them about the history of your products or services; it’s something that makes you feel connected with your audience.

While many elements contribute to a compelling brand story, one factor stands out – building a story around people. 

The influence of a brand story goes far beyond the visual identity of your business. It is even better than the coolest product you’ll ever offer. For a brand to be successful, it should build connection and engagement.

Defining Your Why

A good brand story starts with your Why and guides your customers on their purchasing journey. However, take note that your ‘why’ shouldn’t be based on profits alone; It should define your goals and its core values, as well as the positive impacts you want to make. To build a brand story around people, start by defining your purpose that resonates with your audience’s needs and preferences. 

You may tell the winning story of the people behind it and how they strived before they became successful. A rags-to-riches story is always something people want to hear about. Apart from sharing the life of the owners and co-founders, look around your business and see who’s involved in it. 

Your Employees

Your staff and teammates are the representatives of your brand. Create content about the job they are doing and how they bring impact to your business. Feature their stories and tell their background, share “a day in my life” stories, show off some company events, or have a list of team-building challenges that they can join in. Apart from that, make sure that you give the best for them and recognize their hard work. With this, your employees will surely become genuine ambassadors of your brand which is a great approach to authentic branding. 

Your Customers

Your customers aren’t just people who purchase your products or services; they can also be the main characters of your story. Engage with your customers by building an active social media presence and addressing their concerns online. Showcase their feedback and how it created an impact in their lives. You can also run online contests like trivia quizzes or storytelling challenges and reward the most inspiring and entertaining stories. 

UGC Creators

User-generated content (UGC) is now a trending marketing strategy, as UGC creators and influencers can amplify your brand’s story. Collaborate with those people who align with your brand’s value and purpose and encourage them to share their experiences. 

Building a story around people sets your brand apart as it thrives on authenticity, trust, and emotional engagement. Having a people-centric brand narrative can eventually increase your brand awareness and grow your organic followers. Place people at the center of your brand story, and remember that it is more than your products and services; it’s a journey with the people around your business.

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