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Why Does Your Brand Need a Powerful Slogan and How to Come Up with One

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I’m lovin’ it. Just Do It. It gives you wings. Expect more pay less. These are some of the catchiest slogans of all time. McDonald’s, Nike, Red Bull, and Target certainly know how to develop a catchphrase that resonates and sticks with their selected audiences for a long time. The real question is — Does your brand have a slogan? If not, it definitely should. Continue reading to find out why and how to come up with the best slogan for your brand. 

Why Do Brands Need Slogans?

Believe it or not, a catchy and resonating slogan is more than a rhyming catchphrase. It reflects everything your brand is and everything it stands for. With the rise of social and digital media, slogans have become more critical now than ever before.

Brands can stand out if their marketers are creative enough to come up with a great slogan. A great slogan sums up what the brand is all about, boosts customer engagement, and attracts them to make a purchase of your products or request your services whenever they happen to need them.

However, those aren’t the only reasons why your brand needs to have a slogan. The slogan takes your marketing strategy to another level. It builds a recognizable identity and boosts the marketing campaign. Also, it helps it take a stand and gives something your customers to remember you by.

How to Come Up with a Great Slogan?

If you look at the slogans, the best are short, catchy, and simple. Therefore, when creating a great slogan, you should make sure it contains all these qualities. Here are some steps you should follow to come up with a great slogan.

Think About Your Brand’s Values

Before creating a slogan, you have to think about a few things. They concern everything your has to offer to its customers. For instance, what are your brand’s values? How do your products or services make your customers’ lives easier? Don’t shy away from digging deeper to find the answers. Look up your company’s history, sales reports, target groups, or anything you feel might inspire you to develop the perfect catchphrase.

Define Your Objectives

Every great plan or, in this case, marketing strategy starts with defining objectives. What do you want to achieve, and how are you going to do it? The slogan should reflect those objectives. It should sum up what people should know about the brand, its mission, and how it solves their problems. Let the answers to these questions be the guidelines to the great slogan.

Jot the Ideas Down

Now is the time to get the juices flowing. Your content creators or copywriters can do it for you, or you can do it yourself. Either way, whenever an idea pops your mind, jot it down. Do not waste your time editing it at this stage. Instead, jot the ideas down. As time passes, catchy ones will become more prominent, making it easier to pick them out and edit them later.

Keep the Audience in Mind

When creating the slogan, you have to keep the audience in mind. How does your target group talk? Do they use slang or some specific register? It’s essential to match the slogan to your audience. If you don’t, having a slogan that doesn’t appeal to your target group won’t get you anywhere. Then, think about what is important to your target group. This way, they will have something to relate to.

Be Original

There are so many slogans out there, so it is easy to get lost and come up with something inauthentic. Moreover, you might accidentally plagiarize some parts of your competitions’ slogans and end up sounding just like them. What matters the most when creating a slogan is authenticity. That is why you shouldn’t spend too much time analyzing other slogans. Instead, focus on what your brand should sound like and develop a slogan that projects that distinctive voice.

Take It for a Test Drive

If you can’t decide which slogan is better, then take them for a test drive. Ask your colleagues, staff, or business partners which one they like best. To determine which slogan is the best, present them using the same format. For example, use the slogans in a commercial or on newsletters. Then analyze the received feedback to find the one slogan that matches all your predetermined criteria. In case this doesn’t work out, you can form a focus group.

To conclude, one of the ways to stand out in the market is through the slogan. It shows what your brand has to offer and to whom. So don’t be afraid to get creative but keep your eyes on the prize — the catchy slogan.

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