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Why Quality is Better than Quantity for your Social Media Presence

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok – are the top 6 social media sites of 2022 based on their monthly active users. You might think posting content on each of these platforms would give your business more opportunities to grow its reach and sales. However, if you have the resources to do so, you may need to step back and think strategically about it. Even if your customers use all of these social media sites, it doesn’t mean that you will create and publish posts to all of them. Not everyone would want to see your brand anywhere they go. Here are some reasons why quality is better than quantity in terms of social media presence:

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Directs you to the right audience in the right place

One of the jobs of your social media marketer is to put your ads at the right place – where your customers or target audience are. Most people use Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat to socialize and connect with others for personal or business purposes. At the same time, others entertain themselves by watching videos on YouTube and TikTok. You would say that you can reach your target audience the more platforms you are on. It is true, but will they convert? Will they see the value of what you are offering? Will they acknowledge and engage with your brand? Knowing which platform they prefer to consume your content is much better than knowing what platforms they are on. They might be using six or more social media platforms but would prefer watching videos only on two of them. You may observe that different demographics socialize on different channels. Know which platforms are most engaged and active to make the most of your content. 

Saves your social media marketing budget

Another benefit of not posting on all social media platforms is saving resources. Focusing on 2 or 3 platforms where your audience is for your social media ads saves you time and money. Some platforms have format restrictions or parameters. If you wanted to post on more than 3 sites, you would need to create different copies of your ads in different formats. This means you may need to pay more people, such as community managers, graphic designers, and video editors. Limit your ad campaign amongst the top 3 social media platforms where your audience would potentially consume your content. 

Be perceived as authentic and professional 

Do not let your audience perceive you as a nuisance! They will see you as professional if they consume your content in the right place and not most of the time. Aside from the fact that people hate ads, they would realize that your business is too salesy if they see you in all places. The right amount of your presence on social media and the quality of content you post for the right audience would resonate with your authenticity as a brand

Become more competitive

Your audience is the same group of people your competitor is targeting. Catering your social media content to your ideal customers at the right channel means you are also exposing your brand to other businesses with the same product or services as yours. Do not be threatened because you can take this to your advantage. You can do market research. Check how your competitors are doing on the platform. See how they engage with their audience or how they attract sales. You may learn from them and even make a better strategy out of the existing one. 

Instead of jumping into all or too many social media platforms, focus on a few where you can achieve your social media marketing goals. 

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