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Emotional Marketing and Its Importance to Your Business

Emotional marketing is not new to businesses and brands. In fact, it is proven effective when used in several marketing campaigns. Marketers say that they gain profits more compared with rational campaigns. At Reach More Digital Marketing Agency, we often utilize this strategy to touch their audiences’ feelings and values as this is our way to connect to consumers and prospects personally and form brand loyalty. 

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These days, emotions matter more than logic, and with the world pandemic, people will always want something that will make them feel better – whether it be a social media meme, a short clip, or an animated video.

Here are some emotional triggers that affect your buyer’s purchasing behaviours:

  • Belonging. The need to belong is so strong that most marketers utilize this in their campaigns. The sense of belongingness gives people validation, and nowadays, brands not only focus on building a number of followers but also on creating a community. This can be an added opportunity to know your target market’s questions, concerns, and preferences, which you can use to improve your products or services. 
  • Fear. You will know how powerful this emotion is if you’re familiar with FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out. When something is trending, it will create curiosity in people. When this emotion is implemented ethically, it can be an effective tool for your marketing campaign. You can grab people’s attention through ads for one-time sale promotions or creating limited edition products. 
  • Values. Values play a significant role in making personal decisions. While these are often subjective judgments, you can create a good deal based on their importance. An example of this is creating a custom-made product for fans of a specific artist or celebrity. This can be a way to expand your customer reach and generate new sales.
  • Trust. Your target market will determine whether you are genuine in trusting them and that you are open to listening to their opinions. This can be utilized when you are trying to work on improving the quality of your products and services, which can also help in gaining customer loyalty. When using this emotional trigger, it is important to be true to your motives to be transparent in sharing their ideas and thoughts. 

Several other emotional triggers can be used in your marketing campaigns: time, leadership, competition, gratification, and guilt. These can all be effective in influencing your customer buyer behaviours when appropriately used. 

How to Use Emotional Marketing For Your Business

Incorporate storytelling.

Storytelling is one powerful way to connect to your consumers on a deeper level. A food corporation created a series of heartfelt short films where many people can relate and it became a trend. You may also ask your loyal followers to share their personal stories and create a movie clip from them. This can increase your social shares and build a bond with your audience. 

Use colour psychology in your designs.

We may not be aware, but colours affect the perception and behaviour of an audience. Learning about colour psychology and choosing a scheme that matches your brand. If you’re using several colours in your design, make sure they complement each other to add more appeal.

Practice authenticity. 

On all of our marketing campaigns, we often put our best put forward. However, in emotional marketing, it is vital to practice authenticity. You do not use this strategy merely to gain profit or increase your followers. Making them feel that their emotions are being played on or that you are faking it may put your business in danger. Nothing beats authenticity and integrity in brands. After all, your consumers deserve the best.

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