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How to Caption Instagram Posts

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What’s the first thing you notice when it comes to visual content on Instagram? Like many, the caption beneath the post catches your eye. The shared photo, reel, or video isn’t complete unless an equally impressive caption follows it.

From a marketer’s or brand’s perspective, captioning posts on this social network is a piece of a puzzle to a higher engagement rate. That’s why they devote their attention to creating the perfect caption for every post. If the caption is too long or too short, or pointless, it’s doubtful users will want to engage with the brand, so they’ll keep on scrolling. Meanwhile, by describing the context of the photo, sharing a relatable story, or making a joke, you’re turning your post into a more shareable one.

In this article, you’ll pick up a few tricks on how to write captivating captions for your future Instagram posts.

Create a Few Drafts

Writing compelling Instagram captions is a process you shouldn’t rush. Taking your time to create and think about the drafts you made is a great direction toward conveying a resonating message. There are two major restrictions you should keep in mind when creating drafts. First, your caption can contain up to 2,200 characters. You probably think that’s more than enough for describing the visual content you want to share. However, Instagram will shorten your caption after 125 characters. Therefore, you might want to keep the context concise. Some studies show captions up to 50 characters in length enhance interactions on social media the best.

Put the Relevant Bits Up-front

The limitations in the previous paragraph have made you doubt writing longer captions. The truth is, you can still share lengthier descriptions and stories with your followers. You just have to put the relevant bits up-front. Your caption’s visible and untrimmed part should contain CTAs and essential information. They won’t have to click on the button to find out more. Most influencers make the mistake of overdoing their captions with hashtags, irrelevant bits, and mentions leaving the most important part of their captions at the very end. By front-loading relevant information, you’re more likely to attract an Instagram user’s attention while they’re scrolling through their feed.

Add CTAs 

The rule of thumb is to create every social media post with an intention. The same goes for captions. Such intentions are made more explicit in marketing with calls to action or CTAs. For example, do you want to drive traffic to your website? Then encourage them to check out the link in the bio. Do you want them to participate in the giveaway? Ask them to tag as many friends as they want to increase their chances of winning the prize. You can even use the post as a conversation starter and drive customer engagement further. For example, ask your readers a question or ask them to share their experiences.

Keep the Reader in Mind

Chances are thousands of users will read your Instagram caption. That’s why it’s necessary to convey your message like a human being and not a robot. When creating captions, you want to adopt a strategic approach given how many benefits good captioning practice brings. However, if you’re not authentic and reader-friendly, your target audience might not respond to your message the way you want them to. Also, Instagram as a social network supports informal and conversational tone for captions, comments, and messages. If you create all your Instagram content with this and your readers in mind, you’ll be able to start meaningful conversations with your followers.

Have Fun with Emojis

Creating content for Instagram should be playful. Like most other social networks, it also allows users to play around with emojis and keep the conversations going. Who says your brand can’t do the same? You can make your caption lively by adding a few emojis at the end of a few sentences or paragraphs. As a matter of fact, they can serve as CTAs when used correctly. If you decide to have fun with emojis, you should make sure the choice suits the branding. Since posts require a certain amount of consistency, you can make a wide selection of emojis that reflect your brand’s identity and use them sparingly throughout the content.


A picture might be worth a thousand words, but on Instagram, you still want to share some behind-the-scenes tidbits via interesting captions. If you’re building a brand, you can leverage this functionality for marketing purposes and more. So caption your next Instagram post according to our advice and see it for yourself. 

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