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Reasons Why Short-Form Video Content is an Effective Marketing Tool

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People’s appetite for short videos has increased rapidly over the years. The growth of social media platforms that cater to abundant short-form videos such as Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook reels, and YouTube shorts are causing their audience’s attention span to become shorter. As these platforms compete head-to-head to get their users to stay in their respective apps, more short videos are being produced. So who will benefit from it? Businesses and brands are now utilizing the power of short-form videos for their social media campaigns.

Here are some reasons why and how it is an effective marketing tool:

Easy to digest and more shareable

Generally, a short-form video can be anything between fifteen seconds to two minutes. Anyone can effortlessly consume this type of content. In fact, a person can lose track of time just scrolling from one video to another because it’s not complicated to watch them. 

Fit to mobile users

Most performing short-form videos were filmed in portrait and would fit perfectly on any mobile phone’s screen. Anyone can casually view videos anywhere and anytime as long as they have their phones. Compared to other forms of content, videos have an edge in terms of chance to go viral since it is easy to share from one social media app to another. 

Quicker to create

Long video advertising or content requires a lot of time and resources. Producing short-form videos otherwise takes an effort but will not eat a lot of your time and budget. You might not even need to hire a big team of videographers and editors. Instead, a smartphone and some editing apps can do the magic since you need to fit your content within a minute or two. In addition, you wouldn’t need a lot of details, props, and actors in front of the camera. 

Promotes higher engagement and organic reach

Other than share, react, and comment features on Tiktok and Instagram reels, users can now duet a video or use the original audio to create their own content. Your brand or business can utilize this to relate to any current trends which may attract more engagement to your brand. There are also hashtag challenges that are maybe aligned to your brand in which you can participate. Leverage this to your advantage to increase your reach. 

Diversifies your content

You can create a wide range of topics and types of posts that are effective with short-form videos. Short product teasers, educational or explainer videos, user-generated content, and behind-the-scenes are just a few. You may also consider collaborating with influencers. Businesses have been gaining a lot of benefits nowadays using influencer marketing to promote their products and brand. 

The key to an effective short-form video does not only lie in the technicalities such as the resolution, audio, titles, and captions. It is still on the content. It should be short but concise. Humorful but relatable. Do not just find what’s on the trend. It should still promote your brand’s authenticity and expertise in your niche.

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