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Reasons Why You Aren’t Growing on Social Media

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Maybe you’re wondering why the number of followers and engagement on your social media pages has not increased even though you’ve been active for years. The fact is, posting consistently isn’t always the key. There are many factors to consider other than the posting frequency. It can be by your topics, platform, or audience demographics.

Aside from these, here are other reasons why you aren’t growing on social media and what you should do about it:

You rely too much on trending audio for your entire strategy

While trending music can help you reach out to more followers online, depending on it alone isn’t the best thing to do. We may feel lazy creating quality content because we know that people will notice us through our selected sound or music. However, we need to make sure that it is relevant to your niche. 

You aren’t engaging with others

If you want to get noticed, you have to interact with others too. Responding to comments from your followers will go a long way in growing your social media. They will also appreciate you for doing that and will often visit your pages to interact again. The specific post where you comment can rank up on other people’s feeds as well. 

Apart from that, you can also join community chats and Facebook groups to present your brand and share your insights without hard selling. 

You have no good visual content

Pixelated photos and graphics were tolerated back then. But, with the continuous improvement of applications and software, creating blurry visual content is now unacceptable. Make sure to utilize apps like Canva and Adobe Illustrator to create visually-appealing content for your posts. You can also hire an expert to help you make templates to guide you or regularly produce images and graphics for your social media needs. 

You only talk about yourself

Storytelling is a great strategy for growing your social media following. But merely talking about yourself all the time could also make you lose followers. Instead, share something that could be valuable to your audience. You can teach some tips or hacks, show them about the trends in your industry, or talk about other relevant people in your business. Post anything that you think can be relevant to your audience’s needs and preferences.

You’re not creating promotions

Another way to keep your audience engaged is through running promotions. It can potentially increase the number of followers in a short period. You don’t have to set a big budget for it, though. You may create a bundle of freebies from the products that you offer as a giveaway. It can also be a bonus if the winner likes the product and becomes your next regular consumer. 

Social media marketing requires implementing long-term strategies with several small wins in between. One post can go viral in a day, then slow down after another. That’s why you need to analyze and make tweaks along the way. Learning from others in the same niche, consulting digital marketing agencies who can audit your social pages, and listening to your audience are great ways to grow your social media accounts gradually. 

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