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The Basics of Pinterest Marketing for Business Accounts

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When people discuss social media, they always mention Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, one impressive network always remains forgotten — Pinterest. While all users can access it, it suits different businesses and their marketing needs perfectly. With 445 million active users, it has the power to reach even the most specific target groups and deliver the right brand message. If this number has sparked your interest, continue reading to find out how to get started with Pinterest marketing for business accounts.

Visual Aspect

Some say Pinterest belongs to the group of highly visual social networks, and they’re right. The visual aspect is the most relevant factor. For this reason, you should emphasize the quality of the images you share with your followers. To create captivating images or Pins, you can use professional design tools, such as Canva. Most of its features are free; even amateurs can quickly learn how to use it. Also, you should consider the recommended Pin sizes. If the Pin is too large or too small, it may not resonate well with the audience. The network is famous for its categorization too. That’s why the image collection or Board should align with the category your business associates with.

Pin Visibility

The target groups should discover and share your Pins to make the most out of Pinterest marketing. Like with other types of social media, here optimization comes into play. Popular and relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions, and file names make it easier for users to find your content. A quick reminder, though — avoid adding too many keywords or irrelevant ones. Your audience and the network can flag it as spam. Once you’re done with optimization, you can find the best time to Pin. According to Hubspot, it’s anytime between 3 PM and 6 PM. Needless to say, you can leverage marketing automation software to plan or schedule Pins in advance. It’ll also help you to post consistently and frequently for more effective results.

User Engagement 

So far, you’ve used call-to-action buttons on other social media platforms. Pinterest provides a similar option. A call-to-pin has the same effect on the audience and the engagement rates overall. You can add it in the description and entice users to take the desired action. Search the network for people who follow you on other platforms to attract more followers. Then, invite them to enjoy the content on your new account. You can also follow other businesses and engage with them. It’s a great opportunity to see their strategy and adopt fresh practices. As your follower base grows, don’t forget to engage with them in comments. Reply to their comments on your boards or start conversations by commenting on their Pins.

Promotion Tips

You can do a few things to create a buzz around your content. For example, you can share seasonal or themed content. Simultaneously, Pins of the same theme can fall under one Board. If you pin it at the top of the page during the season, the users won’t have trouble finding the content. The same goes for some of your most popular content. New visitors can witness the best your business can offer regarding quality and creativity. At this point, you should add direct links to your website to your Pins. Bear in mind that not all of them will require website linking. It’ll depend on the Pin itself and the message you’re sending to your audience.

Analytics Tool

The analytics feature helps business owners to understand Pinterest marketing better. The tool allows you to see the results of your efforts through various metrics in one place. Just by looking at the stats, you can see which Pins are the most popular ones, all the details about your audience, and what browsers or devices they use to access your content. This information is priceless because you can use it to change or enhance your efforts. As a result, it’ll prevent you from pursuing ineffective strategies. Remember to verify your website first for the best experience using the tool. As much as it sounds tedious, this small step will reassure the network that your business is legit.


Many agree that networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most prominent. But, thanks to the value it provides to businesses, Pinterest is slowly stepping out of its shadow. Now that you’ve read the article, hopefully, you’ll give it a try and prove it’s a valuable asset to business marketing.

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