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What can Marketers learn from YouTubers?

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Although most think of YouTube as one of the best sources of entertainment, it’s a pretty powerful marketing tool. More than half of marketers have used this network as a part of their marketing strategy. If you haven’t done so yet because this isn’t the place for your audience, it’s time to think again. Not only can you find your target audience, but also boost your SEO, brand visibility, and engagement rates. In case you need to pick up some tips and tricks, take a look at what YouTubers can teach marketers about this social media channel.

Readiness to Experiment

When you visit a YouTuber’s channel, what can you see? If you scroll to their first videos, you can notice their trajectory. They might have started making videos on a specific theme, but that wasn’t what made them famous at all. It’s the fact they were willing to experiment with their content and see where it takes them.

In YouTube marketing, experimentation is the key. Once they share a bunch of videos with their audience, they check the analytics and see which of them converted viewers into subscribers. Then, they shift their efforts in this direction and continue feeding the viewer’s curiosity with fresh videos. This practice allows them to get priceless and continuous feedback based on which they can adjust their strategy along the way. 

Single Channel Focus

While you can never go wrong with omnichannel marketing, running a single channel has its perks, too. Most YouTubers choose to present themselves on this network only. That’s why they create the content and build the channel meticulously. They know their audience to the core and tailor videos to their needs and preferences. Unfortunately, some quality marketing campaigns fail because they aren’t the right fit for the target group. That rarely happens with YouTube.

The video creators often have impressive SEO skills suitable for this network. As a result, their videos have captivating headlines, descriptions, categorisation, thumbnails, subtitles, etc. Also, they aim to engage the audience as much as possible. This often results in comments, likes, shares, and, ultimately, subscriptions. 

Value of Originality

Every YouTuber has a story to tell, like all marketing campaigns do. However, only the most prominent ones realise their stories reflect a certain amount of emotional labour. As such, it allows viewers to react emotionally and even develop parasocial relationships. More than on any other social media channel, they crave originality and realistic interaction.

What does this mean? It means that they choose the quality of their work and their principles above current trends and social or political events. More importantly, they know how to include their beliefs in usual activities on the chosen network. Once viewers recognise their authenticity, they can reward it by becoming a member of their community. Then, they start spreading the word, which inevitably makes YouTubers popular and successful.

Importance of Community

In the early stages of YouTube marketing, users quickly discovered everything it has to offer. One of those advantages is a vast and diverse community. By building it, they can start other ventures successfully. The community aspect is frequently neglected in the business world. Many companies fail to recognise their employees as their greatest asset and potential, especially if they connect customers with the brand itself.

Without a community, the growth opportunities are quite limited. However, with this wind beneath their wings, YouTubers can also start experimenting on other platforms. What happens when you’re authentic and honest? The community built on one platform will follow you wherever you choose to go. 


YouTube is much more than a video-sharing platform. It’s also a marketing tool that intimidates most marketers. Luckily for you, you can take notes from masters of this platform – YouTubers. Their insights on experimentation, community, authenticity, and single-channel focus are enough for you to launch a successful campaign.

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