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Instagram Story Ideas For the Week

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Instagram Story is an IG feature that allows you to post photos and videos temporarily. They appear in a vertical format and automatically disappear within 24 hours. 

For businesses, it is a perfect way to experiment with which content works. It can also be used for short announcements and creating short clips for answering FAQs. For others, it is their way of sharing about their day, especially when there are business events to attend to.

If you don’t know what to share on your Instagram Story, here are some ideas you can use from Mondays to Fridays of the week:


  • Motivational Monday. Who doesn’t want to get motivated, especially if you still have a hangover during the weekend? Getting up and working on a Monday that most of us find hard to do, so sharing a little motivation through your social media account can go a long way. 
  • Mission Accomplished. How do you prepare for success this week? Sharing some of your business goals for the week may encourage your audience to do the same. 
  • Morning in the Life. Create a timestamp of your morning routine. Or how your team is doing on a Monday morning. Share some fun moments at your office, or simply show a video of you enjoying your breakfast together. 


  • Transformational Tuesday. Have you done something transformational for your customer? Share how your product or service creates an impact on your target market. You may also collaborate with UGC creators or get your customers involved by having them share their own experiences. 
  • Transparency. Get transparent and show what your business looks like behind the scenes. May it be how you create your products, how messy your studio is, or anything genuine and unfiltered. 
  • Tuesday Quick Tips. What valuable tip can you share with your audience? It can be how to use your product at its best or some useful hack. 


  • Workspace Reveal. Is it clean or messy? Let your audience have a look at your work setup. Whether it is a home office, a studio or a co-working space, sharing this with them will give you and your brand another way to show your authenticity.
  • Wednesday Wellness. We are all human beings working towards our goals. So a little wellness tip will remind your audience to set a time for their well-being. Share the tips you do to avoid burnout. Or a healthy habit that helps you get through a stressful day. 
  • What You’ve Learned. Another way to educate or share something valuable to your audience. What are the things you’ve learned that can add value to them? Don’t gatekeep but rather inspire them to be their best.


  • Trust the Process. Are you in the middle of creating something new for your brand? Provide them with a sneak peek of what they should expect. You may also ask for their input and suggestions. Who knows, it might be your next bestseller. 
  • Trending Thursday. What’s the trending topic online that is relevant to your brand? Create some meaningful conversations and ask them about their opinion. It’s another way to get connected to them. 
  • Thankful For. If you have a small business win, share it with your audience as well. Or hear the things that your customers are grateful for. Sharing each other’s gratitude will bring a positive impact online. 


  • Friday Fun Day. TGIF! Let your audience feel the goodness of Fridays by posting something fun. You may share some ways to relax after a tiring week, suggest activities to do over the weekend, or other ways that they can enjoy your product or service. 
  • Free Resources. Who doesn’t like freebies? A great way to give back to your community is to send out some free resources. It can be an ebook, merchandise, or a giveaway of your new product. 
  • Fun Facts. Your audience wants to know more about your brand, so allow them to play a short quiz about your business or share something fun about what you do. 

There are other things you can do to maximize Instagram stories. Apart from that, you can access Instagram Analytics. There you can see how many users have reached your story, how many people interacted, the number of views you received, and the number of people who followed you after they’ve seen your IG story. Sharing snippets about your business is a fun way to increase engagement and help you build the best strategy for your brand.

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